Girl saw her bf with another girl....

Girl saw her bf with another girl....Girl saw her bf with another girl holding hands...
Girl massaged him..!
Girl : Where r u?
Boy : I m at my home..!
Girl : Ohh OK well I see your twin same like you with someone else. Hahaha! And he is behind me.
Boy : looked at her and feel ashamed.....
Boy massaged her...!
Boy : Its me I m so sorry I swear I would never do that again! Your trust make me proud to me I deserve it and have to be yours only...!
Girl : That's OK but I am stupid to love you again but not an idiot enough to trust you again...!
Boy : Well I will win it again. Boy left the other girl.

So a relationship is all dependent on the trust if someone trusts you blindly never ever prove them a blind.....
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