Girl saw her bf with another girl....

Girl saw her bf with another girl....Girl saw her bf with another girl holding hands...
Girl massaged him..!
Girl : Where r u?
Boy : I m at my home..!
Girl : Ohh OK well I see your twin same like you with someone else. Hahaha! And he is behind me.
Boy : looked at her and feel ashamed.....
Boy massaged her...!
Boy : Its me I m so sorry I swear I would never do that again! Your trust make me proud to me I deserve it and have to be yours only...!
Girl : That's OK but I am stupid to love you again but not an idiot enough to trust you again...!
Boy : Well I will win it again. Boy left the other girl.

So a relationship is all dependent on the trust if someone trusts you blindly never ever prove them a blind.....

No reason for love

No reason for loveA Girl asked her Boyfriend
GF: Why do you love me? 
 BF: I have no reason.
GF didn’t like it ‘n say
GF: No. Give me a reason.
 BF: Okay… ‘Coz you’re beautiful, caring ‘n attractive.Girl was satisfied.

Then one day she got sick ‘n look Terribly Thin, Pale ‘n Weak… 

GF: Do you still love me?
BF: Now that you’re not pretty ‘n attractive do I have a reason to love you?
Girl Cried…The boy holds her hand ‘n say…
BF: Now you Understand?

“Love doesn’t need reasons. I Love you ‘n still love you no matter what Happens.”

It was yours....

Girl: I’m having my operation now I love you.
 The girl lay’s on operation bed. Boy stands there with watery eyes without saying I love you too.
Girl finishes heart transplant,the boy is gone. 
 Girl: Nurse where is he?
 Nurse says: They didn’t tell you whose heart they gave you, did they?
Nurse hands the girl a note, 
Girls reads note "I told you it was yours"

Change Your Surname to Mine

Once A Boy and a Girl Decided to Write down
Whatever They Wanted to Change in Each Other,
Boy’s Eyes Filled with Tears after Reading 7 Pages the Girl Has Written.
Girl’s Eyes Were Filled After Reading One Line
The Boy Has Written
“I Just Want to Change Your Surname to Mine”

Story of Heart and Eyes

Heart: I Love YOU;
Eye: why?
Heart: because my beats depends on the
Beauty you Watch.
Eyes: I Love you too
Heart: Why? Eyes:
because when I watch beauty; you give
the feelings for it.
Love Messages© Designed by: Dj Maruf